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Treatments/Services Monthly Units Avg Payment Monthly Revenue Semester Revenue Annual Revenue**
ATC Evaluation 57.5714285714286
ATC Re-Evaluation 28.8571428571429
Cold Packs 3.00
Electric Stimulation Therapy 12.8571428571429
Game Ready 10.7142857142857
Hot Packs 3.00
Concussion Baseline Test (Annual Units) 47.4285714285714
Concussion Follow Up Test 65.00
Office Visit 43.8571428571429
PPE's New (Annual Units) 74.2857142857143
Therapeutic Exercises 40.7142857142857
Ultrasound Therapy 11.00
Whirlpool Therapy 12.1428571428571
Wound Care <20 cm 65.00
Percentage of Insured Athletes %
Net Revenue

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Cost Factored in: Software, Billing, Hardware, Set-up, Training, Software Maintenance, Support, iPad, Viosk. Traditional Payer Mix assumption and % uninsured students factored into equation.

**All Numbers are estimates and do not guarantee a specific return of income. Payments are an average of ALL payers over a 10 year period for CPT codes used in this formula. Although numbers are believed to be true, each individual school's "payer mix" and state regulations will effect the end payment. For a specific look at your school, please contact a sales representative for a more detailed look at your specific school.