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Frequently Asked Questions

Health Centers

Q: How does the Affordable Care Act affect college health?

A: The Affordable Care Act includes several provisions affecting the services provided at campus health centers. Vivature's proven experience in providing credentialing and revenue cycle management services make us well positioned to address ACA's effects on campus health. Below are three primary elements of the ACA impacting campus health billing.

  • All private health insurance offering dependent coverage must now allow their subscribers to cover dependents until age 26.
  • If you are an in-network provider, students will not be responsible for any cost sharing (copayment or coinsurance) for preventive health services, even if they haven't satisfied their deductible. Preventive health services covered at no cost to the student includes alcohol misuse screening, blood pressure screening, cholesterol screening, depression screening, diabetes screening, diet counseling, immunizations, obesity screening/counseling, STI prevention counseling/screening, tobacco cessation interventions, and a full complement women's health services.
  • The expansion of Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), creates an opportunity for providing coverage to students that traditionally would have been uninsured.

Q: Some students are uninsured, or under-insured. Will the health center have to turn them away if we went to a billing model?

A: Absolutely not. Vivature has processes to address uninsured students. In fact, current Vivature partners have found insurance billing as an opportunity to educate uninsured students about insurance.

Q: Is insurance billing going to create an administrative burden to our center providers/counselors and staff?

A: Absolutely not! Vivature has processes to on-board student data and take the bite out of transitioning to a billing model. We also provide as part of our service, access to our NExTT Practice Management and Electronic Health Record software platform. These robust tools will help you manage all administrative and clinical aspects of the health center.


Q: Is it illegal to bill for Athletic Training services?

A: No. Anyone can bill for the services provided. Vivature takes your treatments, Dr. appointments, etc and turns them into revenue. Simply contact us for more information.

Q: Can the history in our current Injury Tracking software be transferred into your platform?

A: YES. Our Oracle based system can transfer your current and historical data into ours and make you 2014 compliant.

Q: Do we have to sign up for all these services?

A: No. All of our services are a la carte. This way you can build the service model that is right for your program.

Q: What is involved with getting this process started?

A: Once we have a signed contract, we simply ask that you provide us with some basic census information on your students, as well as some basic information about your school. We then perform all the set up for you.


Q: How does insurance billing affect confidentiality between behavioral health providers and their clients?

A: The HIPAA Privacy Rule states that protected healthcare information (PHI) may only be used for its own treatment, payment, and health care operations. PHI may not be disclosed without specific permission from the patient.

Q: Can we protect students that are dependents on their parents insurance from learning of their participation in counseling services?

A: Insurance explanation of benefits which are sent to insurance subscribers do not include diagnosis information, however Insurance billing does not need to be implemented with students that have these concerns.

Q: Do we have to use Vivature's EHR for the clinical documentation in order to implement insurance billing?

A: While we believe that the Vivature solution would be beneficial, you can continue to use your own clinical documentation methodology.

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